The weekend gone, nice progress.

It’s again well over 1am and I’m still in front the computer. But I have to admit, I took it relatively easy until very late today. It was a Sunday at the end of the day.

KulaFor those sceptics of Belgian weather note this: it’s the 21st of January and I went for a nice ride with the bike to the Forêt de Soignes (Sonian Forest) – the large forest attached to Brussels. The day started with a very promising sunshine waking me up around 11am, so would have been a pity to miss it. After 1,5 hours of riding through mud and meeting mostly horses, I was on my way back home when it started to rain. Quite pleasant, but not a real surprise.

I also met someone I should probably call up more often. I will Tomaz, I will.

Then off I went to a friends’ place to work on some federalist planning:) Since I’m still chairing the JEF Europe Federal Committee (=FC) together with Florian and Elina, we have to do our bit of work. After a pleasant conversation over German/EU politics (Verheugen was on the list as well…) we finished the draft and I left to have a siesta.

At this point I have to admit. Yes, I saw “Pride and Prejudice” – the classic novel written by Jane Austen back in 1813 turned into a nice movie by Joe Wright. Saray would have been surprised that I appreciate anything less superb as Scorsese (just recently seen his “The Departed”). Well I did.

A short chat with a good friend that just returned from a mission in Kosovo, a short chat with my mum and a bit of work on the Masters applications. Will write on this more, it’s a nice story to tell.

Off to another working week.

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