Spare ribs and flights

Once back into more trivial material. The last January weekend was lazy, but pleasant. Let’s first take a look at the weekend before.

Saray (who got a special page – click here) got back from Nairobi and then left on Friday for a day meeting to Berlin with SPD. I had an interesting conference on gender equality to manage for one of the clients on Thursday, where we hosted Vladimir Å pidla, the EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and Pat Cox, the former President of the European Parliament and now president of the European Movement. All fine, many people turned up and we had a nice response from the hosting and partner institutions – European Economic and Social Commitee and the European Commission. If you feel like, read the Press Release here. Perhaps would be good to write something about the topic once…will note down.

download Eagle vs Shark We finished Thursday with a nice dinner together with other campaign partners in the Slovenian House – a nice Slovenian resto, just off Place Jourdan. Run by a friend, the place is always a nice refuge for a group of people, they serve good food and an even better wine. Boštjan, thanks for being an excellent host again.

A friend from Spain was saying goodbye on Saturday night and took us to a great place. Great and grand. Although with an Italian name – Amadeo – the resto gives quite an American impression, with soft music in the background and an impressive amount of books everywhere. The only dish they serve is ribs. Yes, a lot of ribs. Not that you would want to jump there very often, but in case you have friends over that like meat, this is the place to go. Or so I think. Thanks Heiko, see you in Bilbao.

Sunday was about planning the flights for the next month. Skiing end of February in Slovenia, closing the company’s accounts for 2006 in March and both off to Berlin end of March for work related to 50th Anniversary of Treaty of Rome. In the meantime getting a new car. So need to spend a lot of time with papers and sit on a lot of planes. Ever used skyscanner? Useful tool, see here.

Off to a new week.

4 thoughts on “Spare ribs and flights”

  1. yes! Spare ribs was all you could get in that resto, and as Veggi wasn’t easy to survive 🙂
    fortunately, the company of the friends always helps to survive to the worst challenges in life!
    HEIKO, mucha suerte companero!


  2. jaja! I don’t know what was merrier to see: our happy faces devouring the ribs or Saray’s face thiking of the poor pigs.
    Stories from Kenya and chit chating made the rest of the dinner, and sure that we can organise something whenver Heiko is back (or before! don’t ignore me just because we can’t make now ‘double couple’ dates) Jaja…
    Marko, nice blog, could not expect less from you!
    Besitos to both of you, dears.


  3. Hi Saray, hi Patricia:)

    Ops, I’m sorry about calling Heiko a Spaniard, but then with him is a bit difficult…Basque, German, Spanish?

    The place was cool:) Although there are not many people I would take there.

    To both: would be nice to read your blogs as well, would be fun!


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