Getting IT stuff right, more time on my hands again: NETVIBES

asus w5fmOk, I’m back after a while. It’s not that I’ve been drawn away by something mystical. It’s all about the new laptop I got and few ideas I tried to work on in the recent days.

First, the new laptop is a beautiful piece of engineering (yes Jon, it’s better than an Apple), the small 12″ model by ASUS, the brand one could describe as my favourite when it comes to the IT. For those geeks out there: it’s the W5 12.1″ widescreen model with…Core2Duo T7200 (2.0Ghz) & 1,5GB 667Mhz of RAM & 120 GB of 5400rpm HDD & 1280×800 wide screen & Bluetooth 2.0+EDR & DVD+-RW Dual Layer & Webcam integrated…Plus I got two nice batteries in the pack, one of them keeps the machine at 1.5 kilos, the other gives 4 hours of work and brings the machine up to 1.8 kilos. With both on the road, I can work independently from a plug for over 6 hours…not bad. In both configurations is super light, super fast and oh, super good.

Ok, enough of this. There is a new web discovery to present. I’ve heard about it for a while, but it’s just perfect now that I managed to set it up well. It’s called Netvibes. For those of you that are used to have a lot of RSS feeds either in Firefox or in an independent reader (I used RSS Bandit for a long time): this is it! The ultimate place where you can link all of those, your emails, your favourite news…All on a customizable website that is basically WHATYOUSEEISWHATYOUGET. Fantastic and of course worth investigating.

Ah, Netvibes was not invented in the US once for a change (although Skype is from the Contintent as well…). It was in fact invented by Tariq Krim from Paris (read an article from Guardian here). He’s far from being a normal French guy, but has managed to make Netvibes one of the successes of Web 2.0. Long live Tariq.

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