Illegal vs. immoral

I found this interesting article on the BBC news website today, that writes about Andre Garrec, who heads the community of Noron-la-Poterie in northern France. Mr Garrec is willing to auction his support for one of the presidential candidates that have to collect 500 endorsements from elected officials in order to stand. The strange French law aside, I find this a bit repulsive…

Even if the money, as Mr Garrec says, would go to his community (of 300 people), this would make his vote simply a market item. You pay more and you get his support. His endorsement would thus not be a show of trust in the candidate, but simply a bought ticket to run for the elections. I wonder what his voters might think.
According to the same article he went on saying this practice is not illegal. Sure, but it for sure is immoral.

Little wonders of European election systems.

One thought on “Illegal vs. immoral”

  1. You have to wonder about this 500-signatures thing for the French Presidential elections. It’s bizarre to need the support of elected officials at one level to stand for election at the next level!


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