Single representatives…

Maurice Faure, the last living signatory of the Treaty of Rome: “The way negotiations were led at the time could serve as an example to relaunch the European project. This is what I call the spirit of Val Duchesse [the name of the Belgian chateau where the negotiations took place]…If every government named a single representative, and if this person were only to negotiate with two or three collaborators, I am convinced that in just a few months, they would reach constructive compromises…â€?

I think times were really different back then. I would wish governments would NOT nominate a single representative to negotiate with two or three collaborators. This would be a major step back after the European Convention that opened the doors for the European Parliament to participate in the drafting of an EU Treaty. The old ways of secret diplomacy was again put in place for a short while during the drafting of the “Berlin Declaration� (see previous post) and it turned out to be…well, at least disappointing. I wonder who still thinks that there is a single representatives for peoples…Monarchists?

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