Zapatero over a coffee

As much as the star of Zapatero has been rising fast in Spain and internationally, as fast it could fall. He for sure pushed through some very good policies (foreign: Iraq, very pro-EU, except Endesa; domestic: smoking ban, gay rights, ETA) and is currently governing a country with a very solid economic growth. But he is running into troubles over ETA since the bombing of Barajas and has now stumbled over a cup of coffee.

Yes, he thinks that a cup of coffee costs 80 cents, while it actually is closer to 1.40. He said so in a recent TV show, followed by some public criticism of how distant he has grown to become since he took over the job as PM. Well, honestly. I hardly tell you the average price of a coffee in Slovenia or Brussels for that matter. I rarely drink coffee in bars and when I do I don’t really bother to remember the price (unless it’s 7 EUR like in Venice).

And how many people really think the PM should have enough time to drink coffee in bars? Or how many people think that if that would be the case, he would be asked to pay for it? Or what if he doesn’t like coffee at all?

2 thoughts on “Zapatero over a coffee”

  1. Hi Marko

    Yes, I’m sure you’re right about the price of a cup of coffee not being that important – but I guess it’s the kind of story that no-one shows any interest in if Zapatero were generally thought to be in touch with people – but if there is a general feeling about him being out of touch, then it gets leapt on as a symbol.

    Best wishes



  2. Ciao Jeremy!

    Well, do you really have that impression of Zapatero? On what grounds?

    I think he has made some very sensible decisions. Where you could object is his handling of negotiations with ETA, but I think he has done well that as well. Unfortunatelly for him, it’s an issue too easy to destroy, which happened with the bombings, and an issue where populism prevails bringing masses of people on the streets.

    Perhaps you have a better case for him being out of touch.


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