Social Democrats: what is the strategy behind?

To follow up on thoughts on Pahor as presidential candidate and the Social Democrats (SD) signing an agreement with the government for the period of the EU Presidency. There has to be some strategy behind, let us see what it could be…

In the last edition of the SD newsletter, I read the news again that the SD will sign the “agreement of cooperation”, even if the government will not take into account their comments and suggestions. OK, how far can you go to please the government without compromising your standing as a party in opposition (ok, we can also argue how much SD still are opposition)? And why?

One argument goes that Pahor is getting ready to win the next parliamentary elections. And being cooperative appeals to many voters. Slovenians appear fed up with arguments along the ideological left-right divide, so offer them “peace”. This certainly benefits the party on the short term.

Second thought: Pahor might not count on a coalition with the Liberals and alike. He might seem the only viable and working coalition to include the parties in the current government. Offering a hand before the EU Presidency is certainly a nice favour that Jansa will have to pay back one day.

Third thought: Pahor is before the presidential elections and campaigns for himself. This means he looks for a broad support, also on the right. The candidate with fewer enemies wins…or so goes the argument…

I had evaluated these options with few friends in the last days, we think it might be a combination of the above. But certainly, the behaviour of Pahor is confusing.

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