Stiglitz: the EU has realised a dream – where does that leave us?

On a similar note as Jeremy Rifkin in his book European Dream and Mark Leonard in his Why Europe will run the 21st Century, Joseph E. Stiglitz goes on arguing that EU has realised a dream:

Europeans should not be dismayed by comparisons of GDP growth in Europe and, say, the United States. Of course, Europe faces great challenges in perfecting its economic union, including the need to reduce unemployment and boost the economy’s dynamism. But, while GDP per capita has been rising in the US, most Americans are worse off today than they were five years ago. An economy that, year after year, leaves most of its citizens worse off is not a success.

Something we should be repeating all over again to people that would like to turn everything upside-down. But sure, we need to move on and plan our future. Something the EU has been particularly keen on doing recently…But the fact is: we do live in a micro-paradise people. Think of this everytime fresh water flows out of the tap at your place.

Just out of a meeting of politicians and NGOs debating the possibility to create a Global Climate Community,  thinking more and more how the EU should start taking more responsability to move things on the global level. Yes, Constitution is important, but there are more urgent, practical things to solve.

One thought on “Stiglitz: the EU has realised a dream – where does that leave us?”

  1. I complitely agree with you Marko! These are points that are often forgotten, while they are the essence of European life. We forget how lucky we are in the world scale.


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