EU in 2057 – young federalists develop scenarios

I have seen that Charles Grant from the Centre for European Reform wrote something similar, but took 2027 as a reference year. This time the Young European Federalists (JEF) took the same path and produced an entertaining Daily European with two scenarios for EU’s development towards 2057. I wrote a piece on the negative side.

So, how would the EU look like in 2057?

A quote on the negative:

“Unable to move on jointly, several groups of countries have started to move away from the original EU of 27 and created small core intergovernmental “clubs of the willingâ€?, where secret negotiations prevail, parliaments have little insight and people feel as detached from politics as ever. “We agreed to disagree,â€? is a common statement at the press conferences of the remaining intergovernmental structure of the EU”

A quote on the positive:

“Back in 1957, back in 2007, they could never have dreamt of the success we’ve achieved! This has been the European Century!â€? So stated Sertab Emre, the first Turkish citizen to be President of the European Union as she opened the festivities to mark 100 years of the Treaty of Rome from outside the EU President’s office in Brussels.”

Take a look at the JEF website or access the two editions here: the positive “A flourishing Europe” or the negative “A Europe on the decline”. Some entertaining reading for sure.

4 thoughts on “EU in 2057 – young federalists develop scenarios”

  1. Well Jon, let me think negatively sometimes!

    But it’s interesting to note that three authors on the negative side are Slovenian.


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