France: honest wish to reform :)

Sarkozy won, life goes on. One of the most interesting issues in the run up to the June parliamentary elections in France was supposed to be the positioning of Bayrou, the centrist candidate that got 18% of the vote in the first round. He launched a new party called “Modem” (Mouvement Démocrate) this week and appealed on “reformist” forces. But he was left alone even by “his” guys. This quote says a lot about people he counted on:

“The 22 defectors all won their seats with the help of conservative votes and were told that if they did not back Sarkozy, the conservatives would field an opponent. To run unopposed, they were asked to promise in writing never to vote a motion of censure against the government and never to oppose a budget throughout the five-year term”

Well, it’s difficult to go against personal ambition. Better be on the safe than the honest side…in France.

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