Slovenia elected into the UN Human Rights Council – irony par excellence

Ha, another good one. Slovenia was elected today as member of the UN Human Rights Council (the results of the elections here).

There are two superbly ironic elements to the story. Not many people outside Slovenia are aware of the issue of the so-called “erased” – people that have been erased from the population registries in 1992. The story is complex (more on the issue here), but the fact that it hasn’t been solved until 2007 surely says something is wrong. And of course some people suffered and are still suffering from injustice.  So getting into the HRC  is a bit ironic.

Second element of irony is that Andrej Ster (who also appears on the picture in Dnevnik along the HRC news) is the current State Secretary at the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was the person in charge, when the almost 30.000 people were deleted from the registries.

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