Slovenia: Pahor is in, will the party follow?

According to (a freshly mad on-line media, worth visiting) Borut Pahor will run not only marathons next autumn, but also elections. This means, if the news is true, that we have two serious contenders for the President of Slovenia: Pahor and Peterle.

For Pahor this has been described as “the easy option”, while leading the Social Democrats in the next parliamentary elections supposedly the tough one. He is leading in the polls, so winning the Presidential elections should not be too difficult. The only test is the support of his party. Pahor said that he will only run, if he gets it…Well, I’m sure some people would be more than glad if he leaves.

Where does this leave the Social Democrats? Well, there will for sure be an interesting fight for the throne. Many former Liberal Democrats joined the party just recently and since they have long ministerial experiences and sharp personalities a fight is on the horizon.

Forget Pahor and see Rop climbing back.

P.S.: The race for the leadership of the weakened Liberal Democrats is also at full-speed. There are even news about a possible female President. This would be something:)

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