LDS: Getting the first female president?

There are some positive moves among the Liberal Democrats. The party will witness in June first properly contested internal elections. The first surprise candidate is, at least to me and my sources, completely unknown. Katarina Kresal, the deputy director of the Law Firm owned and run by Miro Senica, announced her candidacy. He appears quite genuinely Liberal, at least from her professional background and friends. At least on the surface a welcome move towards a more Liberal LDS, to where the party belongs and has the chance to make a difference.

The  more leftish candidate Dušan Keber, who also drafted the current manifesto of the party, appears unsecure, while there are more names mentioned. But the support for Mrs Kresal seems to be coming from all sides – current MPs, party leadership and the some big business. This is welcome in so far as the LDS finally decides to profile itself as a centre Liberal party, with a strong economic programme.

Let’s wait for June. It should be fun.

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