Gorenje: bad customer service in Belgium

Interesting things happen to consumers. Buying all this stuff on the shelves, testing new things, enjoying the advances in technology…And then there is the superb invention called “warranty”, that supposedly helps you preserve the item you bough at least during a certain initial period without problems…Yes, emphasis is on “without problems”. See the story with our Gorenje fridge. Continue reading “Gorenje: bad customer service in Belgium”

EU Presidencies and private sponsors

I came accross an interesting element of the new Portuguese (PT) EU Presidency website. Besides the fact that a nice framework was obviously let be run by someone with a certain lack of taste (see selection of pictures), there is for me a bizzare presentation of private sponsors.

The PT EU Presidency website lists the following “official sponsors”: Audi, Vodafone, HP, Microsoft, Sony, Galp Energia, Grupo Sumol, Delta Cafes and SIVA (Grupo SAG). I have to admit I have never spent lots of time thinking about this, but I thought that the Presidency is somehow the opportunity to promot national industries during the numerous meetings that the Presidency hosts in the home country. In the case of PT this seems not to be the case. Continue reading “EU Presidencies and private sponsors”