Logitech: How to make a useless service

I have bought a while ago a Logitech Wireless UltraX combo. The keyboard is nice and flat, resembling the one of the laptops and the mouse is super fast and sharp. But I threw away the CD that came along, containing the installation files. So I checked the website of Logitech to download the software SetPoint. Absolutely useless in my case. Continue reading “Logitech: How to make a useless service”

Slovenia: Three ministers less, one year to go

It all started as a normal day. And yet, we have 3 ministers less in the Slovenian government. The Thursday Governmental sessions have always attracted a lot of media attention, but today was special. And all this following the announcement of Prime Minister Janša yesterday that he will bring former PM Rop to court. 3 Ministers had to go: Andrej Bručan (Health), Jure Zupan (Higher Education and Research) and Janez Božič (Transport). Continue reading “Slovenia: Three ministers less, one year to go”

Slovenia: Janša brings Rop to court

I wrote about the summer political chaos in Slovenia earlier, now it’s time for a selective update. Selective because there is simply too much to write about. I could start listing tragic road accidents that are finally putting some pressure on the Minister of Transport. Not that is his fault, but the road infrastructure in Slovenia is one thing that could have been done better. We simply cannot build roads quickly, it’s proven. Then I could start listing some doping scandals among athletes and cyclists and the way the various sport associations handled the cases. I could also spend few minutes on the energetic business-like first year in office of the Mayor of Ljubljana. And more… But let’s focus on the essential. Continue reading “Slovenia: Janša brings Rop to court”

ADAC Travelatlas 2006: no good for Albania…what about the rest?

AdaCI still remember the day I bought it. Before the GPS units became widely accessible. I paid 16.90 EUR for the ADAC Travel Atlas Europe 4th edition to manage successfully my road trips. And it worked for the mainstream places. Now I can say it was better to buy something else.

Ok, you might say this is only a minor thing. But why do we bother to buy these maps? Because we want to have an idea where we drive and because in case we get lost we find our way out. Well, the ADAC Travel Atlas was rubbish at doing both when we get lost in Albania. The map shows that there is a wide (marked yellow, like the highway Tirana – Durres) road taking you from Gjirokaster to Berat. These two are the cities you for sure shouldn’t miss in Albania… Continue reading “ADAC Travelatlas 2006: no good for Albania…what about the rest?”

Bled Strategic Forum: Could be more visionary and should host the European Commission

As a fresh civil servant, I have few privileges. One of them is attending conferences related to my work. And this time I got the chance to attend a conference organised by the “Bled Strategic Forum” in the lovely resort of Bled in Slovenia. Mainly located in the nice hotel Golf under the title “European Union 2020: Enlarging and Integrating” the conference promised some quite lively conversations. Ahtisaari was supposed to be there, along with the Serbian Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister of Kosovo. Continue reading “Bled Strategic Forum: Could be more visionary and should host the European Commission”

Life: back to Slovenia for a short while

And a short explanation why this blog has been so empty for a while. I have moved permanently back to Slovenia until the end of July next year. Will be working for the Slovenian EU Presidency, coordinating the preparations of the General Affairs and External Relations Council meetings and the European Councils. As an entry-level civil servant I won’t have much of a say, but the job should be interesting enough politically. Continue reading “Life: back to Slovenia for a short while”