Slovenia: Janša brings Rop to court

I wrote about the summer political chaos in Slovenia earlier, now it’s time for a selective update. Selective because there is simply too much to write about. I could start listing tragic road accidents that are finally putting some pressure on the Minister of Transport. Not that is his fault, but the road infrastructure in Slovenia is one thing that could have been done better. We simply cannot build roads quickly, it’s proven. Then I could start listing some doping scandals among athletes and cyclists and the way the various sport associations handled the cases. I could also spend few minutes on the energetic business-like first year in office of the Mayor of Ljubljana. And more… But let’s focus on the essential.

The most ridiculous part of the whole intelligence service issue, the so called “SOVA affair”, was when the former Primer Minister Anton Rop (used to be Liberal, is now part of the Social Democrats in the Parliament) revealed that the same SOVA provided him with the information that the then opposition leader (and now Primer MInister) Janša was somehow behind the coordinated incidents in the bay of Piran during the summer of the elections 2004. You can imagine that such news create scandals everywhere. Above all, Rop said that the intelligence reports he received revealed that Janša was on the phone with Sanader (then opposition leader, now Prime Minister of Croatia) coordinating the accidents. Or at least that Janša knew about the accidents and was happy enough that they helped him win the elections, fought on a more nationalist note than would have been the case without the incidents.

What a country people! Let’s put aside the speculations that the story might be true. A former Prime Minister basically accuses the current one of treason. And the media jump on the story and there you go. You have a scandal of immense proportions. The reaction of Janša was denying everything and threatening Rop with court proceedings. Rop insisted that the story is true and the intelligence service looks for documents that might prove him right, but there’s no record of such phone conversations between Janša and Sanader. On the other hand, proving that there were such conversations might also put intelligence services under pressure, since they were tapping into the conversations of a Slovenian politician… Anway, the story of SOVA went already so far that the intelligence basically had no integrity left.

Then one day a guy from Germany appears on the TV, someone that works for the BND, the German Intelligence Service. And he claims that such conversations indeed exist and the BND caught them while looking for Karadžič‡. Supposedly the BND sent all the documentation to SOVA at that point. This could well mean someone is lying… As is always the case in such circumstances.

Janša in the meantime declared that he won’t bring Rop to court, since this could impede the proper functioning of the Slovenian EU Presidency in 2008. Shit, what an excuse. But then he appears today and files the lawsuit. Rop is more than happy, say at last the truth will come out.

During all this mess the former Director of SOVA, who should supposedly know everything, went on holidays. And let’s see if he ever comes back. The story promises more fun.

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