Logitech: How to make a useless service

I have bought a while ago a Logitech Wireless UltraX combo. The keyboard is nice and flat, resembling the one of the laptops and the mouse is super fast and sharp. But I threw away the CD that came along, containing the installation files. So I checked the website of Logitech to download the software SetPoint. Absolutely useless in my case.

After finding the small section “support”, you are asked to enter the name of your product. Mine doesn’t show anymore, although the keyboard is not older than 2 years. It even gives you the option to browse older models. Nothing. So you think they might have some generic software in this case. Nope. And it does get worse. I then looked for a contact to email. There’s none, only phone numbers. I hate to call people for these kind of things and then spell my email and name and whatever else they ask. Emails people, emails.

Hell, they’re one of the largest producers in the IT field, they could have made the website a bit more user-friendly and useful.

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