Localized websites: good only for some…annoying for the rest

I have spent considerable amount of time recently updating the software of my laptop, due to the fact that I bought some new pieces of hardware. And as much as the service last.fm (thanks Uros for the hint) was keeping me in a good mood, I have grown increasingly annoyed by the overly localized service of some websites. I have visited Logitech (of which I wrote earlier), Sony, Toshiba, Asus and many more. By default these websites ask you for your location when you enter them. Which is fine if you’re from UK or US…But not in case you are from Slovenia. The best example was… Plantronics does not offer registration for a headset bought in Slovenia, but the warranty is global… Even in their “after sale support”, they tell you:

“We regret that Plantronics does not currently offer this service in your country. We are exploring ways to offer this service in your area, and hope that you will check back at a later moment in time whether the service has become active in your country. Until that time we would like to ask you to return to our business partner in your region for any after sales questions.”


The one of Logitech (besides being rubbish anyway) continuously takes me to their Italian version. Why Italian?!

In some cases I really wonder, why these companies bother localizing their services so much. I can understand the language problem, but on most of them without knowing english you wouldn’t even find the localized version. And then doing something only for few states (see the list of Logitech, it’s a joke) doesn’t sound exteremly fair to me.

P.S.: The Logitech website will for sure stay my favourite for a long time. I have tried to get some support for the Sphere webcam. First, it appears under different names (Sphere or Orbit). Second, if you want to ask a question you need to submit also the Serial number and Part number. Normally these are placed directly on the product. Not in the case of Logitech. So I can forget about their support… I have the papers somewhere I don’t know.

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