Gorenje follow-up: you really start wondering…

So, this is not yet the ending of a funny story that we experienced with the company Gorenje. I wrote previously how our fridge in Brussels broke down and what the reaction of the local Gorenje business point in Belgium was. I have to admit that after I wrote to their PR centre and the director directly, we at least got a reply…but the story got a very funny turn today.

They promised us a new fridge delivered tomorrow, but the guy actually showed up this morning. Very nice and friendly, but he didn’t want to bring the fridge up to the top level which is absolutely normal in case of replacements. If something breaks down in the period covered by the warranty the least they can do is to replace the item without further fuss for the customer. Anyway, after a bit of discussion the guy takes the fridge upstairs alone. Not an easy one. But he wouldn’t take the one that broke down! Supposedly the shop where we bought it is responsible for that. This is just bizzare…

So we are now left with a new fridge (actually the latest model of the one we had before) and the old one. Let us count the days (or weeks, months) when someone will come to remove it.

But there is even more.  When we explain to the guy that we were told there were no deliveries during summer he laughed at us and said: “C’est pa vrai.” It’s not true, he claims that of course they deliver also during the summer months. Well, hell. This is what they told us and this is why we have been waiting for the fridge for well over one month.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Gorenje follow-up: you really start wondering…”

  1. and even funnier, actually on the delivery paper that i had to sign it the date was for today and not for yesterday
    still waiting for the call to come to pick it up, of course 🙂


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