Reform Treaty live

Just watching the Press Conference of Luis Amado after the first section of the IGC in Lisbon. It starts with “There’s no translation I’m afraid”. Which is fine and the minister actually works out perfectly in both Portuguese and English. You can say that he’s a very skillful politicians, tries to avoid any concrete words during his presentation, keeps most for the Q&A sessions.

What is the situation before the dinner then? Continue reading “Reform Treaty live”

DELO: Božanski duh političnega kvazi-komentatorja

Le od kod se je vzel Tomaž Å vagelj? Kaj več kot njegov podpis pod “Peticijo zoper cenzure” tudi Google ne najde. In kaj gospod zapiše v današnjem delu?

V članku z naslovom “Božanski duh državnega poglavarja”  (Delo, 18. oktober 2007) zapiše nekaj misli o morebitnih posledicah bolezni pri državnih voditeljih, kar je seveda (v kolikor na temo gledamo abstraktno) povsem na mestu. Pred kratkim je Tine Velikonja namreč povzročil manjši škandal s svojimi napovedmi o zdravju Peterleta in Drnovška. Ampak očitno ima avtor manjši problem z objektivnostjo in korektnostjo, v zaključku članka ga namreč pošteno zanese… Continue reading “DELO: Božanski duh političnega kvazi-komentatorja”

EU: Committee of wise-men and its whereabouts…

Not really a headline news anymore, but might become one of them again – Sarko’s idea of the “committee of the wise-men”. Here is what he suggested:

“I call on the 27 to create a Committee of Wise Men by the end of this year, made up of ten to twelve members at very high level, similar to the committees chaired by Werner, Davignon and Westendorp and the Delors Committee, to address this simple but no less crucial question: “What kind of Europe should we have in 2020-2030 and what should its missions be?”” Continue reading “EU: Committee of wise-men and its whereabouts…”

Europe: fed up

Besides the lack of time recently, I haven’t written a lot about the EU because I’m fed up. What is there to write about? That the Commission wants to liberalize energy markets internally, while preventing foreign takeovers? That the Polish remained stubborn about their attitude towards Death Penalty, while the Portuguese EU Presidency celebrated the day against it anyway? Perhaps I should have written about the last Vision Paper of the Commission that emphasises the external dimension of the Lisbon Strategy…Or perhaps about the ongoings with the Reform Treaty? Continue reading “Europe: fed up”

Slovenia: Serious(ly) about politics, a new political party

This week has seen a, to my view, a major political happening on the Slovenian scene. The former strongman of the Liberal Democrats (LDS), the evermighty, omnipresent Gregor Golobic, who quit as Secretary General of LDS 4 years ago to go into business, is back. Not at the top of something already in existence. No, he was elected as president of the new political party “Zares – nova politika”, which in English would read “Seriously – new politics”. How new it really can be and why now? Continue reading “Slovenia: Serious(ly) about politics, a new political party”

Where is SOVA (=the owl)?

It’s all amazingly quiet on this front of Slovenian scandals. The overly long investigation into mishandling of the Slovenian intelligence services (SOVA), has disappeared from the main headlines, if not completely from the news. This is good news, although some elements of the scandal were quite funny. Continue reading “Where is SOVA (=the owl)?”