EU Concours: next time perhaps

It got me as well: I tried the EU concours and failed…I took the test earlier this year, after about 2 weeks of rather relaxed studying. Not a big surprise I failed, quite the opposite. I managed to get 23 out of 30 points, while the pass point was at 24.333. And although I went well above the required marks to pass, I have not entered the best 440 people taking the exam. Tough.

The actual result was:

Test a): 7.667/10 (pass mark 5)
Test b): 15.333/20 (pass mark 10)

Total: 23/ 30

Pass mark: 24.333

It’s a pity I can’t directly compare these results to those of Jon (with the best blog discussion of an EU concours), would at least get some satisfaction in beating him while failing…

3 thoughts on “EU Concours: next time perhaps”

  1. Erm, thank you Marko – I suppose! I would just like to point out mine was the administrator concours!

    There’s also a Facebook Group now to help people pass the concours as well. πŸ™‚


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