Europe: fed up

Besides the lack of time recently, I haven’t written a lot about the EU because I’m fed up. What is there to write about? That the Commission wants to liberalize energy markets internally, while preventing foreign takeovers? That the Polish remained stubborn about their attitude towards Death Penalty, while the Portuguese EU Presidency celebrated the day against it anyway? Perhaps I should have written about the last Vision Paper of the Commission that emphasises the external dimension of the Lisbon Strategy…Or perhaps about the ongoings with the Reform Treaty?

Especially the last one is bullshit, forgive me the expression. What can I as a citizen say to a treaty that is the result of a almost 7 years negotiations, in all possible forms? It took 7 years to write the damn things and still it’s not sure how much good it can bring. And in addition, nothing is done before it’s ratified by all member states and it’s cracking up in the UK. This leaves me frustrated. All started wonderfully well with the European Convention – an exemplary method for such a large community as the EU. It went bad with the IGC that followed and it turned sh** in 2005 with France and the Netherlands rejecting the Constitution. From then on, we’ve seen tireless efforts of dry, legal discussions. As if people would be idiots.

As much as someone can respect all the work of those negotiating the Treaty, there is much to be fed up about. The new legal text was only available in French during the last 3 months. It will not be consolidated (it will only appear as actual amendments, not as a complete text). It amends 2 treaties and introduces new names for them (=quite happy about this actually). To add to the confusion, the new voting arrangements will not step into force until after 2014. And it’s still not clear how will the Polish get the “blocking Ioannina” compromise in.

Why would people bother? Ah true, because we will get more “democracy, transparency and efficiancy”. Sod them.

But still, let’s hope it’s a done deal in a few days, ratified quietly soon and then forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Europe: fed up”

  1. Cheer up! It’s not *that* bad… There is at least a determination that some agreement is needed, even from the Poles.

    And if you need an escape you can go cycling in the mountains on the weekend now to escape it all for a while.


  2. Yes, there is a consensus that an agreement is needed, you’re right Jon. But this has been around for ever. And I still wonder if all the governements will actually seek swift ratification – there are more issues than are currently open on the table (permanent European Council Presidency will prove difficult…).

    Honestly, the Treaty is a mess of Protocols, opt-outs and political declarations. Plus, they have made a wonderful decision not to consolidate the treaties, so the new Reform treaty will in fact be only amendments. Impossible to read.

    Not being particularly in favour of referendums, but I still regret little public debate. As for the rest, there are many things leading us backwards.

    But nothing new on the west front:)


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