Where is SOVA (=the owl)?

It’s all amazingly quiet on this front of Slovenian scandals. The overly long investigation into mishandling of the Slovenian intelligence services (SOVA), has disappeared from the main headlines, if not completely from the news. This is good news, although some elements of the scandal were quite funny.

There is one person that should leave the public scene for sure: Vladimir Vodusek. The journalist who launched the great story of the summer should be kicked out of the Slovenian national TV for his unprincipled behaviour during the affair. Only months after the first part of his conversation with the former prime minister Rop was published, he actually released the rest. In my eyes this discredited him completely and a decent editor would fire him.

At the same time it remains unknown what the government will do with the institution. Will they try to rebuild the secret services or simply pretend nothing happened? The director was already replaced only to join the cabinet of the Prime Minister. All the possible inquires in the workings of SOVA have ceased it seems, the final report of the government’s “special commission” never came out.

As for those directly involved in the scandal, let’s see what the court will bring.

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