The logo of the Slovenian EU Presidency made public

logo Si

The logo of the Slovenian EU presidency (due to start on the 1st January 2008) has been released at the launch of the new Congress Centre in Brdo pri Kranju.

You can also have a look at the Presidency draft website:

Will let you judge, but the logo leaves me wondering. Especially if put close to the Portuguese logo

7 thoughts on “The logo of the Slovenian EU Presidency made public”

  1. It looks more like a multi-coloured dog footprint or something. There’s some silly explanation of it on the SI Preisdency website.

    But they had to get Triglav in there somewhere – no Slovenian logo can ever be without it!


  2. Well, if you compare with the rest of logos the owner “proudly” presents on his website, the SLO Presidency team should feel quite lucky (to me, of special bad taste is the one of the Slovenian Stock exchange)
    on the web you can already see that he likes this kind of roundish shapes, i am afraid there wasnt much hope from start…
    it is nice to use Triglav, and Slovenes should be really proud of having such a nice landscape, but a bit of creativity would not hurt either


  3. Kuhar really has quantitatively quite an impressive portfolio, but the quality lacks…Not impressive at all.

    Peter also sent me the first reaction from the Financial Times, see here.

    Just the best bit:

    “The leaf’s top is formed by Mount Triglav (earth), but it gives the appearance of blowing in the wind.”


  4. after having seen the other proposals, I can say that they chose the best one.

    though the one in hammer and cickle style would be bad, neither. Janez Jansa’s favoruite not so long ago.


  5. Oh, Peter. There are at least 3 of them that are, from a purely design point of view, better. More linear, coherent with colours, less “nationalised”. I’m even more disappointed now that I saw the rest.

    But also, the selection was done in 2006 I think. Well ahead of the Presidency. If all the suggested logos were bad, the Government should have re-issued the tender. Sorry, there was no rush that could even possibly justify such a mistake.


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