Slovenia goes Economist!

So, we made it! For the second time!

The first success of the Slovenian Presidency is to appear in the Charlemagne column in the last edition of The Economist. All media gurus should see how to repeat it again. The previous piece dealt with the same issue and was also the reason behind Rupel‘s ignorance towards The Economist ever since…It’s nice to see him being quoted again, it means he talks to them.

What did they write in the previous post about our seasoned diplomat?

“The foreign minister, Dimitrij Rupel, is oddly abrasive for someone with two decades’ diplomatic experience.”

For sure difficult to swallow for anyone, let alone Rupel.

Charlemagne writes about Slovenia’s options on Kosovo this time. If positive, I’ll let you judge.

On the other front, quite quiet in Slovenia recently. Between lost elections, votes of confidence and privatising banks, the government is also busy with trips abroad. More on Slovenian politics soon.

P.S.: Because of copyrights I will not disseminate the original article “Pocket President”. In case you are interested though, I’m sure we can find a way for you to read it.

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