Slovenia: quick update – fronts are open

So, Slovenia has been rushing towards the electoral season, almost no presence of the EU Presidency in the press. In fact, this surprises me a lot, the government in my opinion has not managed to make a positive story out of the Presidency – something that it could have easily done, judging by the uncritical attitude of most of the Slovenians to the EU…

However, there were other issues in the press recently. Continue reading “Slovenia: quick update – fronts are open”

Spain: EU as part of the political discourse and an annoying Rajoy

I’m just watching the evening debate between Mariano Rajoy and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero just ahead of the elections of this weekend. It’s all about the Partido Popular or Partido Socialista, the Spanish politics in time of national elections in this sense is quite simple. It’s the first face-to-face debate after 1993, but watching the second debate makes me understand why. But first let’s deal with the EU in the debate. Continue reading “Spain: EU as part of the political discourse and an annoying Rajoy”