Short on time

People, people, I do feel bad. It has been so long that I haven’t written anything that I feel a bit ashamed. When we got seriously into the Presidency business it was simply impossible to write meaningful posts…And I hope I’ll get the time to explain everything that has been going on in Ljubljana one day. Perhaps I write an e-book…

Anyway, for those interested: all is fine, job is super interesting, but tough. Due to time constrains I had to shift my priorities for a while and this blog has suffered most. But in short: I survived “my” first European Council, I got a lovely niece (called Živa), I got also robbed on my travel to Brussels once (got my beautiful Asus stolen, now working on a Dell XPS), I took probably more than 10 flights in 2 months, I did 1 week of skiing in Austria and a long weekend in Barcelona. And, relatively important, I have started job-hunting, because autumn is around the corner.

I’ll be back soon, hopefully with some political points on Slovenian pre-election time, the Presidency and more.

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