TV on-line – why bother with subscriptions?

I have started to watch TV more often again. Normally, if you would want to watch TV as an expat, you would need to install a satellite dish on the roof and buy a decoder that would bring you your channels home. However, nowadays, there are other options.

1. Octoshape (

This is the first such piece of software that I found. You install it and it makes wonders – streams on-line many TV channels, for me most useful: TV Slovenia 1 & 2 for Slovenia and RTV 24H and RTV Docu for Spain.

2. Zattoo (

This is similar to Octoshape, just offers a different selection of channels: France 24 (FR and EN versions) and La Une & La Deux for Belgium.

3. MyP2P (

The list of channels here it’s endless…Everything from BBC to CNN, Rai News, Sky News…And even better – everytime there is a football night, you simply click on the match you want to watch.

OK, for the last one I don’t know how legal it is, but I guess it has been around for long enough to test also legal barriers. However, the simple fact is that you should get a TV only in the case when you really want to keep it simple (remote control + cable + TV) or when you have a strict download limit = this is partly my case. Belgacom limits to 25 GB.

So, hope this helped some of you. In case you have some more hints, comments area below!

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