(EurActiv) New Slovenian president faces growing social unrest

Borut Pahor, former prime minister of Slovenia (2008-2011), former member of the European Parliament (2004-2008), former president of the Slovenian Parliament (2000-2004) and a longtime president of the Slovenian Social Democrats (1997-2012), won the presidential elections in Slovenia with 67.4% of the vote in the second round.

He defeated the incumbent President Danilo Türk, who captured 32.6%. Only 42% of Slovenian voters cast their votes. Pahor thus becomes the first Slovenian politician to hold all three most important political offices in the country…

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(Večer) Pogled “od zunaj”: Slovenija – nekdanji ‘wunderkind’ nove Evrope

Iz zadnje tiskane izdaje V soboto.

“Slovenija – nekdanji wunderkind’ nove Evrope – je v političnem in gospodarskem krču. Pogled čez Atlantik mi zaradi oddaljenosti lajša razmislek o jedru težav, s katerimi se soočamo. Bolj kot nad zdravjem javnih financ sem zaskrbljen nad tremi družbenimi trendi, ki Sloveniji na dolg rok škodijo veliko bolj kot proračunski primanjkljaj. Prvič, v Sloveniji se prepogosto ukvarjamo bodisi z malenkostmi bodisi s preteklostjo ter zanemarjamo velike zgodbe sedanjosti. Sprijaznili smo se, da bistvene funkcije države – zdravstvo, pravosodje, pokojninska blagajna, šolstvo, državna in javna uprava – delujejo suboptimalno…”

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Slovenia : Croatia – a lose-lose game

So, we are heading towards an full-scale diplomatic war among Slovenia and Croatia. Which is a pity. If Slovenian really blocks the progress of negotiations with Croatia, this will do no good to our bilateral relations and also will not bring us closer to a solution of the dispute (background from NYT here). Let us roll-back for a moment. Continue reading “Slovenia : Croatia – a lose-lose game”

Pahor employs Rupel – open to criticism

I have been rather silent of Slovenian politics recently. One of the reasons is that there is a brilliant blog about Slovenian politics in English by Pengovsky and I enjoyed reading it, instead of writing on my own. And I’ve been unusually lazy on writing. However, time is right to start all over – and we start with Rupel again.

Dr Dimitrij Rupel became almost part of the furniture at the Slovenian Foreign Office in the last 2 decades. He has basically been Foreign Minister since I started following politics, which goes a while ago. On and off he has been Foreign Minister for some 10 years. An impressive resume, on paper. However, some of us will also remember some of his less prominent intellectual escapades…He very often proved to be unsuitable for the job because of his temper. Some people think twice before speaking, Rupel would speak twice before thinking. However, all this should be placed aside. Continue reading “Pahor employs Rupel – open to criticism”