HI-FI EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: Loewe, Pioneer, KEF and Audio Pro

Time has come to bid farewell to various Hi-Fi components that have enriched our life over the years – time for a good deal! All of them were purchased in Belgium in 2009 and 2010, are in exceptional condition, no faults, some come in original packaging with manuals. Whether you are building a stereo system or a full home theater, these have you covered (in various combinations). There is a bunch of extra cables that I’m happy to throw in, if needed.

Happy to answer any questions at 0479 69 24 06 or marko@markobucik.eu.

1) KEF C5 floor standing speakers  / PRICE: 250 EUR (pair)


















Full specifications here: http://international.kef.com/c5

2) KEF C6LCR center speaker / PRICE: 120 EUR

img_6579-small img_6580-small

Full specifications here: http://international.kef.com/c6lcr

3) KEF C4 subwoofer / PRICE: 200 EUR


Full specifications here: http://international.kef.com/c4

4) Audio Pro Allroom satellite speakers / PRICE: 150 EUR (pair)

img_6585-small img_6587-small img_6583-small

(Wall mounts included)

Full specifications here: http://www.hifigear.co.uk/audio-pro-allroom-sat.html

5) Pioneer 7.1 amplifier VSX-919 AH-K / PRICE: 300 EUR SOLD

img_6572-small img_6573-small

img_6574-small img_6575-small

(Compatible with iPod and iPhone with 30-pin connectors.)

Full specifications here: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/AV-Receivers/Pioneer+Receivers/VSX-919AH-K#specs

6) Pioneer DV 420V / PRICE: 50 EUR SOLD

img_6570-small img_6571-small img_6569-small

7) LOEWE AURO 2216 PS + speaker set / PRICE: 1000 EUR

This is one of a kind from LOEWE, all-in-one system with timeless design that will power a large room without a problem. It consists of:

  • Auro 2216 PS unit with CD-DVD
  • Amplifier and subwoofer
  • 4 satellite speakers (2 come with stands, 2 with wall mounts)

img_6440-smallimg_6441-smallimg_6442-smallimg_6455-smallimg_6592-small img_6452-small img_6453-small

Full specifications here: https://www.loewe.de/uploads/tx_bmfaquserguides/32486_Auro_2216PS_080620_DE_01.pdf (scroll to the end of the booklet)

8) LOEWE Blutech Vision blu-ray player / PRICE: 200 EUR


img_6443-smallimg_6444-smallimg_6447-small img_6448-small img_6445-small

Full specifications here: http://audiovideomir.com.ua/content/cat_docs/25294.pdf (scroll to the end of the booklet)

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