Houffalize – bikers’ dream in Belgium

Another post about yet another sunny day in Belgium. Saray and I went to the UCI World Cup in mountain biking in Houffalize in Belgium. The men’s race was on Sunday at 2pm, we just made it for the start.

The venue is a fabulous, in-the-middle-of-nowhere, village Houffalize that hosts the World Cup in Cross Country already for several years. This year’s track is slightly longer than usually – 7km. And what kind of 7km! The sounds of the bikes racing down the trail makes you wonder how long do these bikes survive and how long to the riders live…I’ve done and see a lot of mtbiking myself, but cannot but recommend this event to everyone that is a bit interested in this sport. We haven’t even stayed long enough to see the end of the race (with something over 2 hours, Jose Antonio Hermida Ramos won, ahead of the 3-times champion Julien Absalon), but the combination of speed, suffering and technical skills do leave an impression.

Along with a wonderful setting in the South of Belgium and lots of greenery you also get a small river running through Houffalize. Not to mention the promotional stands, where bikes regularly reach the price of 3000EUR per piece. Music for every biker’s ears. I’ll be there next year again, hopefully doing the open race on the trail…

A few impressions from my Picasa Web Album here.

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