Kacin decides to leave – changing times?

How nice. Jelko Kacin, the current President of the Liberal Democrats of Slovenia, offered his resignation today at an internal party meeting. As reported by Dnevnik, his offer was turned down (=postponed).

After a period of ongoing crisis in the party, Kacin changed his post-January-congress opinion. He back then got re-elected with a majority of votes, but with many abstentions and in the absence of many important members of the party (who in the meantime left…). Now, he offered his resignation and although this was not accepted, stated that he will look for a quick agreement on a new Congress which should elect a new President. Also says, “they” will look for potential candidates.

Which translates into “I’m fed up, I have no support, I want to leave”. Another chapter is then about to close. Let’s hope the future Liberal politics (or politicians) in Slovenia will get more constructive as was it’s mid-life crisis.

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