Clinton Bis?

One political news was everywhere today: Hillary Clinton joined the race for the US Presidency (see article from BBC here). With the elections up in 2008, she joins another Democratic  Senator – Barack Obama – in the race to get what we would call “the most powerful seat on Earth”. Hm, I do not recall something similar. Hillary is (still) married to a former US President Bill Clinton – a marriage that was less then pleasant from what I could tell. The affairs of the former President went public more than one time.

But let’s judge her apart. After the sudden rise of Ségolène Royal on the French left Hillary represents the change in the old well-established democracies that tended to be quite rigid and traditional. There has never been either a US female president or a French one. Think of it for a moment.

Of course, this should not be the predominant reason to support either of them, but is an interesting phenomenon.  I’ve recently seen Ségolène Royal speaking at the PES Congress in Porto and frankly wasn’t impressed. I’ve neither been particularly impressed by Hillary Clinton, for I largely dislike American politics in general…and she hasn’t managed to make me change my mind. But she’s of course a better bet than GWB. As is Ségolène Royal better than Sarko.

“OK, so what!” you would say & rules

OK, I’m not the first, nor probably the last person to write a blog. There is a strange feeling about joining the blogosphere -  somehow I know there are millions of people that write about more meaningful things that I might. But somehow I had to do it. Why? Two reasons:

1. I noticed that almost 50% of the things I read recently on the web is either via RSS feeds or directly blogs.

2. I surely do have some things to say.

Here are some rules:

– I will mostly write in English, but Slovenian will be the second choice.

– I will write boring stuff as well.

– I will try to do it regularly (not the boring stuff, the blog in general).

“OK, so what!” you would say. Nothing major, but perhaps another element of freedom and individual communication on this planet.

Hm, planning my days -website done

Saray has left for Kenya, Nairobi to work at the World Social Forum. She will be back next Thursday, which leaves me with planning my days alone…OK, OK, not that I haven’t done it before and not that I wouldn’t have enough to fill them with. But it certainly feels different.
So, you would wonder what I would come up with. Well, I spent most of the days in the office and today finalizing my website. Yes, it’s finally there. Enjoy it.
Hm, when you have time you actually have to plan.