Back from Berlin & alumni meetings

I’m back from a cold weekend in Berlin. I love the city, I’ve spent some 5 month living there in 2003, when I did the internship with the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP). I’ve previously also spent 2 weeks attending the summer school of DGAP in 2002. And work brought me to Berlin very often in the past years…every time I go there with pleasure.

But to the weekend. All the participants from the various Summer Schools, New Faces Conferences and people that have spent working at the DGAP, are tied into the Alumni Network that is being supported by the DGAP’s International Forum on Strategic Thinking. And we had a great Alumni meeting in 2005, now followed this weekend with its 2nd Edition. The concept is good and it provides both a bit of intellectual stimulus and some fun. Continue reading “Back from Berlin & alumni meetings”