(openDemocracy) The European Union’s problem is substance, not narrative


The hard fact that ‘pro-Europeans’ have to grasp is that for many people the EU is not at all that great. Quite the contrary, the EU imposes tough economic rules, yet gives little palpable in return.

The argument that Euroskepticism could be overcome by better framing, PR techniques or a new narrative appeals to many “pro-Europeans”. Its logic is simple: the EU does good things, but they are complex by nature and thus difficult to understand. Therefore, the solution surely lies in simplifying the language, engaging the skeptics on Twitter and carrying the day. Sadly, this belief reflects the pro-European elite’s failure to grasp the deeper reality of what shapes people’s perceptions and what the EU today does.

In fact, the EU’s problem is not the absence of a catchy narrative, but the presence of a rather unpopular substance. The lack of a positive narrative is only the most visible sign of the EU’s growing institutional and ideological tensions and this is what the pro-Europeans should really be worrying about, rather than decrying the lack of spin. Continue reading “(openDemocracy) The European Union’s problem is substance, not narrative”

(Razpotja) Evropa med iskanjem identitete in izgradnjo prihodnosti

alaska.flagSodobna politična arhitektura Evrope je bila v veliki meri zgrajena na pogorišču vojn, ki so skozi stoletja za seboj puščala množice trupel, uničena življenja in razdejanje neslutenih razsežnosti. Dehumanizirana absurdnost avtokracij je svoje prebivalce v želji po prevladi nad sosednjimi narodi pošiljala v morilske pohode tako rekoč brez prestanka. Vojna je bila za staro celino stanje normalnosti, obdobja miru so bila zgolj začasna prekinitev…

(čŒlanek je bil maja objavljen v reviji Razpotja, v celoti je dosegljiv tukaj.)

Slovenia : Croatia – a lose-lose game

So, we are heading towards an full-scale diplomatic war among Slovenia and Croatia. Which is a pity. If Slovenian really blocks the progress of negotiations with Croatia, this will do no good to our bilateral relations and also will not bring us closer to a solution of the dispute (background from NYT here). Let us roll-back for a moment. Continue reading “Slovenia : Croatia – a lose-lose game”

Elections – the European way

European democracy can just get better. We’ve been witnessing one of the most interesting US elections ever, that after over 2 years of campaigning resulted in Barack Obama becoming President. We have first followed a deeply political and tough internal debate within both camps and then a full-scale national campaign among the Democrats and Republicans. We have seen debate after debate, ad after ad, speech after speech…Many Europeans took it very personally. And have we learned something? Continue reading “Elections – the European way”