Madoff and Greece – why there are no protests on Wall Street?

I’ve spent the last few days 16 hours on planes and airports and had quite some time to read. There have been many interesting issues – the outcome of the last (hopefully) European Council under Monsieur Sarkozy, the spill-over from the financial crisis to the real sector, the riots in Greece, the Slovenia-Croatia border dispute, the Obama administration getting shape, the Iraqi “shoe-thrower” and many more! It also made me a bit melancholic about holding newspapers – normally the LCD screen delivers the news. Continue reading “Madoff and Greece – why there are no protests on Wall Street?”

Macedonia goes to court

This is an interesting development. For those out there following the case of Macedonia (too long to call it the Former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia + countries should be allowed to call themselves as they see fit), this is a development of considerable interest. So, Macedonia brought Greece to court (MK government’s announcement here, short news here) because of the principle “pacta sunt servanda”. Greece recently blocked the invitation to Macedonia to join NATO and so here we go…after 17 years the issue will land on the International Court of Justice desk. Continue reading “Macedonia goes to court”